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Here is a recent Bathroom remodel:

Bathroom was 5 ft deep and about 8 foot wide. Customer wanted the tub removed, and replaced with a walk-in shower.

5 ft wide vanity would remain, and be painted white. Vanity top would be replaced, and 5 ft wide mirror would be raised up about 6 inches to allow new vanity top w/splash back to fit.

New flooring to be installed.

Light switch and recepticals to be moved.

Walk-in shower to be installed, with custom glass shower door.

New bathroom door on barn track to be installed.

Hand-held shower to be installed, along with standard shower head.

Shower seat to be installed, and necessary grab bars.

This image shows the custom "Rain Glass" sliding shower door, new hi-rise toilet, and new flooring.

Instead of a pocket door installation, customer purchased a Barn Door hardware Kit and a door to be used for the bathroom door. Jamb and trim were replaced, to accept the new door worked out great!

We found a barn door latch online, that worked just right. For privacy, one can move the latch into a striker hole in the door to lock the door. If one needs to get into the bathroom from the outside, when the latch is locked, a flat object like a comb, ruler or similar can be easily used to unlock the door, due to the fact that barn doors to not sit tight against the jamb. We sized the door and jamb, so that the door overlaps the jamb enough for privacy concerns.

Our customer had previously installed sliding drawers in the vanity.

The double doors you see opened in this picture used to be one single door. The single door did not open completely, hitting the side of the stool when fully open. The sliding drawers, then, would not extend fully, due to the fact that they would hit the partially open door. A simple fix was to cut the single door in half, fit new hinges and pulls, that would allow the new double doors to open fully, and thus allowing the sliding drawers to extend to allow access to the items stored at the back of the drawers. Problem solved.

Formerly, the paper holder was attached to the single door. This made access to the paper unhandy. We built a recessed box for the new Royal easy fill paper holder in one of the center double doors. That saved space, and put the paper holder in a convienent location. A little detail that made a big difference.

Customer ordered a folding shower seat. All stainless steel, and very well made. Folds up out of the way. Great addition to any shower!

Here is the seat in the down position. Very heavy duty, and comfortable seat. Has protective ends on the legs to prevent damage to the shower pan. (We also set our shower pans in mortar, so no worries about seat legs damaging the floor.)

Grab bars are important safety features in any bathroom. This one slants down toward the shower seat to make it easier to rise up out of the seat.

A sliding bar allows the hand held shower to be positioned for use as a shower head, or the hand held shower detaches from it's mount for use. The inlet for the hand held shower was positioned so that it would allow the hand held shower to reach to the other end of the shower. A lever in the center of the wall allows water to be diverted to the shower head above, or to the hand held shower. Very convienent! The sliding bar can also be used as a grab bar, and is attached to studs in the wall...very sturdy!

(Our customer took this picture with her I-phone. We appreciate her letting us use it.)

We would like to thank our customer for all the assistance and patience she had in this project. She did all of the painting, some prep work, and more. Her choice of accessories, materials, and items to use in this project made it a stand out! And last, but not least, her ideas of how to put this all together was amazing! Our reward in our remodels is to get it "Just the way the customer wants...", and her cooperation was the key. Thank you!

NEXT PROJECT: We built an apartment inside a Morton Building for overflow guests for a customer...lots of custom work, and speciality design involved!

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Kitchen, Bathroom, Bunk area,Utility area, and huge storage area above were all designed, constructed, and finished. Lots of custom designing...

100+ year old Barn Wood was used in this Remodel inside a Morton Building in pictures below. Finishing Barn Wood so that it still looks like the old Patina is an interesting process, to say the least. Customer was very happy how everything turned out. Park's Cabinets built the custom unfinished wood cabinet's and fabricated the Hard Maple Island Butcher Block for me. I stained and finished with a very special custom stain and high-tech finish to blend with the barn wood. Bill Barnett was my partner in this project, and one of the best carpenters I have ever worked with...just one of our many interesting projects!

(More pictures and content to be added...check back from time to time.)

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