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Custom Arbor built to customer's specifications...and the results.

Custom built to your needs.

Two levels, top one you can sit on to put on your socks. LOL Pet can even sleep on if size fits, or a good "treat" table. Enables pet to easily jump onto bed. Solid wood design. Options would include: Storage drawer, height, width, carpet type/color, wood finish, wood type, number of steps, open underneath for pet to hide/play in...use your imagination. This one is constructed of 1x12 pine, screwed together, carpet squares from Integrity Interiors, with a orange shellac finish. You dream it up, and I will build and finish, or you can finish it...

Carpeted area did not have hardwood floor at the edges, just plywood. The rest of the floor under the carpet did have old oak hardwood flooring. Replacing the plywood floor around the perimeter, I installed matching oak flooring, and created a rounded oak hardwood step, and step riser along the length of this area extending above the tiled entry floor. Custom stain match to the old flooring shade, and finish made this portion of a major remodel look original.

Our house and garage...a work in progress...If you want the best Gutter Job available, give Jay Olson a call at 660-525-0394. He did my garage, and will do my house. In addition to that he is the only guy I recommend for the best siding job you will ever need, not to mention window installation, and a lot more. You will be impressed, as all his customers are, with his professional manner and workmanship.

New look for Gate and Fence. Cleaned old wood with Water/bleach/Murphy's Oil Soap/Alcohol, and then stained everything with Penofin brand Stain/Sealer. I was surprised how well the old cleaned wood and the new treated wood on top blended together. Best exterior stain finish I have ever used! (Penofin is available at Full Line Lumber here in town.)


Kitchen, Bathroom, Bunk area,Utility area, and huge storage area above were all designed, constructed, and finished. Lots of custom designing...

100+ year old Barn Wood was used in this Remodel inside a Morton Building in pictures below. Finishing Barn Wood so that it still looks like the old Patina is an interesting process, to say the least. Customer was very happy how everything turned out. Park's Cabinets built the custom unfinished wood cabinet's and fabricated the Hard Maple Island Butcher Block for me. I stained and finished with a very special custom stain and high-tech finish to blend with the barn wood. Bill Barnett was my partner in this project, and one of the best carpenters I have ever worked with...just one of our many interesting projects!

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