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Porch and Deck Projects and Repairs

If you don't have a porch or deck, let's talk about building one for you! Here is a before and after Wrap-a-round porch I built a few years back:

If the porch or deck you now have needs new steps, steps repaired, railing issues, column's rotting, skirting replaced, I can do that for you.

To make your steps slip-resistant, 3M makes an pretty good all-weather tape that improves traction on almost any surface. Westlakes has this product. I recommend the 4 inch wide tape on a 2x6 step. I would be glad to install for you. CLICK HERE to go to 3M website

Here is a great idea! If you like to BBQ on your deck, but are concerned about the effects of a super-hot effect on your deck floor, just put in a brick section to set your BBQ on. It can be a big as you want. Here are a few pictures of one I did a few years back:

It would be possible with the system I used here, to convert or construct the entire deck floor with tile, brick, or stone of your choice, instead of wood... Really.

Picture below shows restoration/repair of 1800's era Victorian Porch column. It was leaning badly. The concrete blocks were made on-site back then. The mortar had turned to basically sand, and I was able to take them all apart without damaging them. I then used a lime/mortar mix to re-build the column on a new footing. Wooden Porch column that sat on top needed new wood, and I duplicated it carefully, to make it look original. Very interesting project. Here is a link to see how concrete blocks are made by hand. The video shows workman using a more "modern" 1906 Sears machine...

CLICK HERE to see video
And a link to some history of early concrete blocks:

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