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Bathroom Projects and Repairs

How about a new Lavatory Top? The best quality ones I have installed are from the Onyx Collection. Very nice. Lots of options...

CLICK HERE to go to the Onyx Collection website

Here is just one of many Onyx tops I have installed over the years. Backsplashes and matching sealant really make the top look great!

Sometimes Medicine Cabinets stick out too far from the wall, blocking the lights above. Solution is to custom build a Light Box to mount the light above, so that you get the best lighting while using the mirror. The next two pictures below show just two of the Light Boxes I have built for customers.

This bathroom remodel below uses the wall above the tub/shower for an opening with a glass shelf, with chrome shelf hardware, to allow for not only display, but better air flow for ceiling vent. This complimented the arch dividing wall we designed at the ceiling very nicely.

The two photos below show a custom cabinet I designed and built for a wall-hung lavatory. My customer really liked the lavatory, and did not want to replace it with a small vanity top and cabinet to match it. While this is an unusual solution, it turned out great, and my customer loved it.

I have remodeled a LOT of bathrooms in the past years, and chances are that I can take care of anything you need replaced, repaired, or installed in your bath. I will try to post more pictures as I have time.

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