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Bathroom Remodel

This project consisted of changes/additions desired by homeowner:
1. Removal of one piece tub/shower installed when house was built.
2. Installing walk-in shower, with shower head, and slide-bar hand shower, grab bars, folding shower seat, and glass shower doors.
3. Removal of inswing bathroom door, and replacing with "Barn Door" for access to bathroom.
4. Install new vanity top with built-in bowl, and seamless backsplash.
5. Raise full width mirror to accommodate new vanity top backsplash.
6. Move/upgrade electrical receptacle and switches higher in wall to accommodate new vanity top sidesplashes, and for easier access.
7. Install new towel bar.
8. Install new power-flush stool.
9. Install new flooring.
10.Install ceiling trim.
11.Patch sheetrock hole in adjoining bathroom in common plumbing wall, and also install access panel to shower valve(s) in common wall for access to remodeled bathroom from adjoining bathroom wall.

Images below were taken in the planning stage of the remodel. You can see the mirror is setting on top of the vanity backsplash. The backsplash was a separate piece.

Homeowner planned on keeping the vanity cabinet, and painting it white. A new vanity top, with a built-in sink, and backsplash, with end-splashes will be installed, and the mirror is too low to allow that. That is a big mirror. Full width of the bathroom. Luckily, it has a very good bracket system with clips that it was mounted on, and was an easy fix, to remove, and re-install higher on the wall.

One issue was that the vanity cabinet door you see just to the right of the weight scale on the floor, would hit the stool when it opened. The homeowner wanted to install sliding shelves in this section, for ease of use. The solution you will see in later images was to cut the door in half, transforming that single door into a double door.

Another issue was that the only place to attach a paper holder was to the drawer directly above this section...(you can see part of the paper holder on the drawer above the weight scale).

The solution to that was to inset a paper holder in a door in the will see this in later images.

This industrious homeowner did more research and thinking about this remodel than any project I have ever worked on. Everything worked out just the best because of this. The finished project is outstanding because of her. From removing wallpaper behind the mirror, to priming and painting the walls, trim, and cabinets, and much more, her assistance was invaluable. She made our job not only enjoyable, but successful!

(Image below courtesy of Pearson Photography.)
Here is a nice image of the vanity side of the bathroom, and a little view of the shower side in the mirror. All painting was done by the homeowner. A coat of oil based primer was applied to all surfaces to be painted, followed with latex topcoat(s).

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Image below shows roll-out drawers in converted double-door space. Wow. One can store lots of items in these drawers, and easy to get to everything in the back! Another excellent idea from homeowner. No problem with hitting the stool with the door as before...

Click here for more info about roll-out drawers

(Image below courtesy of Pearson Photography.)
Below image shows custom recessed paper holder. It is positioned perfectly for use. To reload when roll is empty, simply just push a new roll up from the bottom, the flap comes up with the empty roll under it, while the new roll is installed on the roller. The flap also assists in tearing off paper. It's magic.

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(Images below courtesy of Pearson Photography.)
Six screws sealed in silicone, screwed through shower wall into wood sheathing placed for that purpose, hold a heavy duty, stainless steel frame shower seat safely and extremely firmly to the shower wall, out of the way, until you need it. Another homeowner thoughtful addition to the shower.

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(First image below courtesy of Pearson Photography.)
Images below show the "Barn Door" installed for entrance to bathroom. We installed 1x board for trim for outside of door frame, so that the "Barn Door" would fit nicely when closed.

Click here for details about Barn Door Hardware

(Image below courtesy of Pearson Photography.)
Image below shows shower head and controls, diverter valve control, and hand shower and slider bar. Also shown is the shower door with "Rain Glass" design.Shower door was installed by Pebblestone Glass. New stool features a "Power Flush" tank.

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Image below shows electrical outlet and switches in their new location. They were so low that the side splash for the new vanity top did not have room to fit.

Homeowner chose to keep and repaint original wood medicine cabinet.

Image below shows cove moulding added to the ceiling. A little detail that adds a lot to the overall look of the room. Homeowner primed and painted all trim prior to our installation.

Image below shows the floor grill that the homeowner painted. The "Hammered" spray paint used is a textured/metallic finish that looks great with the new flooring.

Click here to go to Paint website.

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It is the details that make any remodel successful - always.

Porch Floor and Ramp Project

This project originally consisted of replacing and making wider the porch floor, replacing porch posts, replacing ramp, and installing PVC railing. Added to this project was re-grading around porch to prevent water from standing at the basement wall under porch floor, and sealing concealed concrete porch stoop and steps that were cracked from sinking soil. Also added was installation of FauxPanels Windsor Random Rock around perimeter of porch and ramp, and on foundation in front of the house.

Image below shows the start of demolition of porch floor and ramp.

Image below shows porch floor and ramp construction underway.

Homeowner chose a beautiful stain for the wood floor and ramp, great looking porch posts, and a wonderful design for PVC railing. What a difference it will make!

Below is shown a smooth transition from the concrete pad, to the below-grade ramp floor frame. Pad is connected below grade to the ramp frame, and to blacktop drive, to prevent future mis-alignment.

Image below shows the back of the ramp, and side of the porch floor.

Below is the South side of the porch floor. Framing under floor and ramp almost ready for the FauxPanel stone.

Image below shows foundation on South side of porch. This side, as well as the North side, will also have FauxPanel stone applied, to give a uniform look to the front of the home. Some removal of soil will be done to allow for water to drain away from foundation, prior to FauxPanel stone application.

Image below shows project on the way to the finish, with stone panels installed on porch and ramp.

Image below shows finished ramp and railing. (Note the smooth transition from ramp deck to blacktop driveway.)

Image below shows secondary rail entrance design.

Image below shows project nearing completion. Faux Stone makes a huge difference! Homeowners choose great colors and styles for this remodel.

More Pictures coming as we continue to finish this sure to check back once in a while!

Products used in above project:

Stain: Penofin Blue Label, Chestnut. Available at Full Line Lumber, Clinton, Missouri.

PVC Railing: Fairway Architectual Railing Solutions, V110 Vinyl Railing with Square Vinyl Balusters. Available at Full Line Lumber, Clinton, Missouri.

FauxPanel Random Rock, New England Mocha. Available Online

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